Small Businesses Save Big- With Roadnet Anywhere®

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the burden of a challenging economy, and consumers are spending less as prices continue to increase. Roadnet Anywhere from Roadnet Technologies was designed with the goal of helping small businesses with 18 or less vehicles be competitive and grow by reducing overall transportation costs.

Our route planning and GPS tracking software comes with plenty of powerful, easy-to-use features in a web-based platform that gives you instant ‘always-on’ access without the hurdle of expensive software or a steep learning curve.

Roadnet Anywhere delivers the savings and results you need to do business:

  • Dramatically reduce miles and driver overtime
  • Increase customer service satisfaction
  • Enhance driver performance and accountability through GPS tracking
  • Maximize driver and equipment productivity

The result? You can run your business with all of the benefits of some of the more expensive solutions, but with none of the risk. Want to see how much you can save? Check out our ROI calculator to get started.

Rebecca Olson, Director of Clinical and Diagnostic Services, Oxygen One, recommends Roadnet Anywhere.


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